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Social Media Updates

The Department of Communications publishes updates to the following online channels:

Email the post and any photos, videos, or links to 

If you would like a job opportunity published to the LinkedIn page contact Glorimar Claudio at or (860) 524-4084

Email 140 characters or fewer to

Contact Jerry Clapis at or (860) 524-4039 for information on publishing videos on YouTube. For information on video production, visit the Photography & A/V page.

For all other web updates, please submit a Project Request, selecting Web Page (create/edit).

Media Relations

CREC’s media relations staff provide members of the public media with news and information about the work of CREC’s programs and services, and we answer media inquiries about CREC and its programs. We also identify staff who can provide expert perspective for local, regional and national news stories.

The earlier we are aware of a potential story, the more likely it will receive proper media coverage. If you have an event or story, please let us know about it as soon as possible. Complete a Project Request and select project type News/Event Publicity. On the next screen select Press Alert/Release as the Type of Communication, and then fill out the form with the details of your request.

For more information about the media approval process, please view our media process diagram.

The table below outlines the recommended amount of advanced notice necessary to properly promote events or announcements to the media:

Press Release (announcement after an event) 2 weeks
Press Release (announcement prior to an event) 2 weeks
Press Alert (to alert the press of an upcoming event) 2-3 weeks
Story Submission to MyTowns or Local Papers 1 week
Social Media Post 1-2 days

Media Guidelines

All media communications must go through the CREC Department of Communications. The Department of Communications coordinates, and must approve all press releases, alerts, and story submissions. If you would like help developing a story, or promoting an event or other newsworthy topic to the press, our department will help you develop a plan for working with the media. Notify the department by submitting a Project Request and select project type News/Event Publicity. On the next screen select Press Alert/Release as the Type of Communication, and then fill out the form with the details of your request.

The following may constitute a newsworthy occurrence, and would therefore be worthy of a press release, a press alert, or other media promotion:

  • Awards, recognitions, or announcements
  • Speeches or conference presentations
  • Major events
  • Published documents or books
  • Groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, moves or construction
  • Great results or data
  • New positions or a new hire
  • Special visitors
  • Large conferences or workshops that would appeal to a statewide audience
  • Special student news, trips, accomplishments, etc.

Media Tips

When submitting a media request, the following tips will help you submit the necessary information up front. If not submitted with the request form, a member of our team will follow-up to ask for it, which can delay your story. The more information you provide, the easier it is to build a story. Please contact Tom Sullivan at or (860) 240-6625 if you have any questions or need assistance. 

  • Always answer the following questions:
    • What is the event?
    • When is the event? (date and time)
    • Where is the event? (location and address)
    • Who is involved in the event?
    • Who is invited to attend? (open to the public, students & families, program participants only, etc.)
    • Why is this an important opportunity, award, event, etc?
    • What is the history of the event? How did it come about? Who was involved?
  • Quotes from participants or involved students, teachers, or staff are essential to build a story. Quotes should be about the event specifically and what it means or why it is important to those involved. What makes this a special event? What impact does it have? What have the preparations been?
  • Photos are very important when pitching a story. Please provide as many relevant photos as possible, and we will select which ones to use. If possible, please submit the names, home towns, and schools and grades (if applicable) of each person photographed.

Media/Press Resources

The Department of Communications has a comprehensive online Press Room available for both internal or external clients.
For additional documents, including division-specific or school-specific pages, please contact Tom Sullivan at or (860) 240-6625.

Crisis Communications

In the event of a crisis:

  • Follow your school or program's crisis plan.
  • Do not under any circumstance speak to or email anyone in the media.
  • Immediately refer all calls or media requests to your principal or director.
  • Principals and directors must refer all calls directly to the Department of Communications immediately so that we can prepare crisis communications.
  • Send updates about the situation from the site as they are received.

Media Contact

Tom Sullivan - Managing Director of Communications - Content and Media or (860) 240-6625

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