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Safety is the top priority with CREC Transportation. We are transporting the most precious cargo in the world, your children. CREC makes every effort to ensure that the bus companies we work with have well trained drivers and well maintained vehicles. Please contact us immediately if you have any concern about safety on a CREC school vehicle. The following all contribute to making your child's ride safe with CREC Transportation.


Qualifications before being licensed:

  • Must pass a fingerprint record check by state and federal authorities.
  • Must pass a Department of Transportation physical examination.
  • Must pass a pre-employment drug screen.
  • Must pass a Department of Motor Vehicle driving record check.
  • Must have 10 hours of training by law but most have at least 30 hours.
  • Must pass knowledge test at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Must pass driving test (pre trip inspection, static course, and on the road) with a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Inspector.
  • Must pass a Department of Children and Families screening.

Maintaining qualifications during employment:

  • Must pass a Department of Transportation physical examination every other year.
  • Subject to random drug and alcohol screening.
  • Subject to post accident and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol screening.
  • Must pass annual driving record check.
  • Must attend at least 6 hours of in-service training each year.
  • Subject to post-accident training.
  • Must pass a driving test with a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Inspector before renewing their license.


All vehicles are inspected and a report submitted daily by the vehicle operator. The maintenance department inspects the vehicles every 90 days. A Connecticut Motor Vehicle Inspector inspects each vehicle annually.

Safety Checks

The bus companies have safety personnel to ride with or observe drivers along their routes. CREC also has a Safety Supervisor who observes bus stops and routes to ensure student safety.

Video Cameras and Global Positioning Systems

Many of CREC's contracted vehicles now possess video cameras and GPS. The cameras allow us to monitor student and driver behavior inside the bus. The GPS allows CREC to monitor the location of the bus at all times. It allows us to tell where the bus stops, when it stops, and how long it is stopped for. It also allows us to determine the speed of the bus and much more.

School Bus Safety Week

National School Bus Safety Week is always held the third full week in October. This is an ideal time for students to learn about school bus safety. CREC and its bus companies are available to assist schools with student school bus safety training. Please contact us at (860) 524-4077 for more information. For more information on National School Bus Safety Week, please click here.

More School Bus Safety

For more on school bus safety, please check out:

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